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Pellissippi State Scholarship Application - Step 2: Letter of Recommendation Form


  • The Letter of Recommendation must be filled out by a professional reference and NOT the student. The reference may be contacted to verify the authenticity of the Letter of Recommendation.
  • Student: You must fill out the Student Information Section (click here) of the Scholarship Application before having your reference complete this section.
  • The reference may only submit one letter of recommendation per aid year. Paper letter of recommendations are no longer accepted and must now be completed online.

Thank you for serving as a reference! Please fill out this form as truthfully as possible. When finished, press the submit button below. This form will automatically be submitted to the Pellissippi State Financial Aid office and added to the student's scholarship application.

Aid Year This Reference Is For: (required)
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Student PNumber: (required)
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(Please make sure the "P" is capitlized.)
Student First Name: (required)
Student Last Name: (required)
Reference (Your) First Name: (required)
Reference (Your) Last Name: (required)
Reference (Your) Phone Number: (required) - -
Reference (Your) Job Title/Occupation: (required)
Reference (Your) Relationship To Applicant: (required)

Please rate the applicant on the following characteristics:

Commitment to the academic program (required)
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Integrity (required)
Leadership (required)
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Likelihood of Academic Success (required)
Commitment to Community Service (required)
Please explain why this individual is deserving of a scholarship: (required)
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All information reported on this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I verify that I am the actual reference listed and filled this form out myself. I also understand that I maybe contacted by PSCC at the phone number listed above to validate this reference form.